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Welcome to Flashlight Solutions – My name is Mike and I love finding cool gadgets. On this website, it’s flashlights.


“What’s the best flashlight for…?”

I hear that a lot. The answer is “it kinda depends.”

My goal with this site is to focus on various use cases and help you find the best solution for what you do.

You’ll find information on a range of handheld lights, from the old faithful household flashlight to high-tech and durable flashlights used in specific environments.

This includes topics like the best flashlight for night hiking, best flashlight for the money, best flashlight for backpacking, etc

There are two quick ways to start finding the best flashlight for you:

1. First, visit the¬†Products page to connect with recommended “Best Flashlights”
2. Quick Jump to a specific Category of flashlight using the CATEGORY list below


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Thanks for being here, please drop me a note if you have any questions.

– Mike

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